Rotary's desire to encourage young people or the 'new generation' to take an active interest in public life and have the opportunity for professional development led to the creation of two youth programs - Interact - for young people under 18 and Rotaract - for young people over 18. Rotaract Is an abbreviated form of the English phrase 'Rotary in action'.

Rotaract main goals:

  • To develop professional and managerial skills.
  • To encourage respect for the rights of others, based on the recognition of the value of each individual.
  • To recognize the dignity and importance of all generally recognized professions as an opportunity to serve the public.
  • To apply and promote high ethical norms such as leadership qualities and professional responsibility.
  • To meet and create an understanding of needs, problems and opportunities, both locally and globally.
  • To provide opportunities for individual and joint activities to serve society and promote international understanding and goodwill towards all people.
  • To enable young people to expand their knowledge and skills and to address the social, spiritual and material needs of their society.

The international network of more than 10,904 Rotaract clubs, scattered around the world and more than 290,000 members in 184 countries, helps to establish contacts between active young people connected in an organization built on the basis of friendship. One of the shortest terms for the organization is, 'Rotaract is a friendship born of service.'

In 2019, following an official vote by the Rotary International Legislative Council, Rotaract became an official partner of Rotary.

Rotaract in Bulgaria

To date, there are 33 active Rotaract clubs in the country with more than 300 members. They are united in their own district on the Rotary World Map - District 2482. Every year conferences of Rotaractors from all over the country are held in different cities in Bulgaria, during which information is exchanged about the activities on the ground and decisions are made to hold joint Initiatives and projects.